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Find out how to gain a competitive advantage in promoting your products and/or services to on-line consumers.

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(905) 758-8120 or email us at and our representative for your area will contact you.

makes it easy.

No need to know anything about computers or the Internet as we take care of the technical details.

From only $599 for 3 months your ad will give your business a professional image.

Do you already have an advertisement ready to go?
For only $599 for 3 months, why not upload it to SavingUmoney and start bringing new customers to your business?!
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your image to 800x600 pixels.

Why advertise on the Internet?

Because IT’S CHEAPER PER CUSTOMER than any form of print or TV or radio.

Your advertisement on the Internet will be read by anyone, within your TARGET MARKET AREA, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Internet advertising is inexpensive.
Compare our YEARLY rates with how much you would pay PER MONTH for print advertising, or printing flyers and distributing them.
Internet advertising is flexible. At the speed we live at today, anything put in print is obsolete the minute it’s printed.
The Internet is alive, vibrant and very flexible. Any updating you require to “keep up with the competition” is done instantly.
It’s fast! Your advertisement is placed on the Internet within days (or even hours) of reception.

Why advertise on SavingUmoney?
SavingUmoney makes it easy.
You do not need to know anything about computers or the Internet as we can take care of the technical details. Just click on the “Advertise With Us” button and follow the simple instructions to create and upload your own ad.

Your ad will project a professional image of your business.
Or choose to have your own graphic artist supply the artwork.
Either way, you’ll get a professional ad that will drive brand new customers to your business.

SavingUmoney does everything we can to make sure your ad is seen by the consumers in your local target market.
You don’t waste a penny advertising to people that would never need you or travel long distances to come to you.

It would be possible to place your advertisement on a local server, but it would likely be lost among the millions of pages available on the Internet. By using what we call ‘co-op’ advertising, we pool a portion of the revenue from each advertiser to be able to reach more consumers and get more ‘hits’ than any one advertiser could afford to do on their own.

And fast! SavingUmoney with just three clicks of their mouse, the consumer is at your ad and in moments your coupon is printed and in their hands to bring a new customer into your shop.