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SavingUmoney is an online deals and coupons community where Canadians and their families can find great savings on things they need and things they love to do. SavingUmoney brings great deals from all types of local community businesses. You’ll find special offers from every kind of business – from restaurants to car repairs, dance lessons to hair salons and spas.

What you won’t find on SavingUmoney are the 50¢ coupons for groceries. We save you big money on the items that cost you the most. A deal for BUY ONE GET ONE FREE at a restaurant or $50 OFF BRAKE REPAIRS means you can buy more groceries than when you save 50¢ on yogurt.

Buy quality products and services at great discounts from the LOCAL BUSINESSES you know and love right in your community. We are big believers in supporting local businesses and these local business owners believe in their communities by offering this special offers on SavingUmoney.